Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Training in hanbo - the above technique often gets a rise out
of the aggressor. After being struck in the ribs, the attacker is
struck in the groin before being drilled into the ground
with the hanbo.
In April, our dojo (Martial Arts school in Mesa) was visited by martial artists from Murray, Utah headed by Kyoshi Rob Watson, 8th dan and Seiyo Kai Hall-of-Fame member. While in the Phoenix area, the Utah Shorin-Kai trained in Hanbojutsu, Kenjutsu, Iaido, and Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo. As the Soke of our international martial arts style and association, I really look forward to spending time with our Utah members. We always have a great time training together.
Members of Arizona School of Traditional Karate certified in Tonfa Jutsu in May, 2012. L-R (Adam Bialek, Patrick
Scofield, Sarah Kamenicky, William Borea and Ryan Harden. 

In May, five members from our Arizona Karate School tested for certification in tonfa, one of many Okinawan weapons taught at our martial arts school at the border of Gilbert and Mesa, and passed their exams after a year of training with the weapon. These members proved their expertise in kata (forms), kihon (basics), bunkai (applications) and kumite (sparring). When a member becomes certified in a martial arts weapon, they are considered to be an expert in that weapon as few people in the world ever reach this level of expertise.

Other activities included recent kyu (color belt exams) by a few of our club members, training in self-defense at our Mesa School against a person with a knife, club, gun and/or rifle, as well as training in Samurai Arts Classes that include iaido (fast draw samurai sword), naginata (bladed staff), and hojojutsu (restraining methods with rope). Other activities included classes in karate kata and bunkai.

In June, our group is finishing up its study of Pinan Godan Kata, while new members are working on Kihon (basics) and the first group of Taikyoku Kata. Our kobudo class is working on self-defense applications with a single tonfa and moving on to the Okinawan sai. The advanced group is also working on Naihanchi Shodan kata and its bunkai.

As a final note, we have started a line of T-shirts on martial arts on our website and also at CafePress. We hope these will be attractive as one can select the color, size and style.
Utah Shorin-Kai members training in Hanbojutsu at our dojo in Mesa. The
Clinic was also open to members in Mesa, Chandler,  Florence, Gilbert, 
Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale.

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