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University of Wyoming Campus Shorin-Ryu Karate Club with Soke Hausel, red belt, 6th from left in front row.
Soke Hausel (center) with Kyoshi Rob Watson (left) and Renshi Todd
Stoneking at the Utah Shorin Kai Gassuku in East Canyon, Utah.
At the Arizona School of Traditional Martial Arts in Mesa, we have some of the better martial arts instructors in Arizona including one one of the top martial arts instructors in the world!

Soke Hausel is considered the best of the best in the category for martial arts teachers with more than 40 years experience in teaching karate and kobudo. Along with karate he has taught many other martial arts including jujutsu, self-defense and kobujutsu (samurai arts).

While Kyoju no Budo (Professor of Martial Arts) at the University of Wyoming, he taught classes and university-affiliated clubs in karate, kobudo (Okinawan weapons), samurai arts and self-defense and taught numerous clinics in martial arts to staff, faculty, students, other martial arts instructors, law enforcement, military, women's groups, sororities, general public, EMT, scientific groups and others.

During tenure at the University of Wyoming, the school had one of the better established martial arts programs in North America in which a few thousand students from all over the world took part. Soke is a member of Juko Kai International, known as one of the premier traditional martial arts associations in the world and has a reputation for producing many of the toughest martial artists in the world (see Part I and Part II videos).

Soke is a grandmaster and 12th dan red belt and member of several Halls-of-Fame including the North American Black Belt Hall of Fame and World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame.
He is also the 2001 International Instructor of the Year, 1998 & 2004 Instructor of the Year
2005, 2003, 2002 and 2000 Grandmaster of the Year.
Dr. Neal Adam, 6th dan, at the
Arizona School of Traditional Karate in
Mesa, Arizona.
Other instructors at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate include Dr. Neal Adam, a professor at a local university in the Phoenix valley, who is ranked as Dai-Shihan (master instructor) with 6th degree black belt. Dr. Adam has a few decades of martial arts experience.

These two are complemented by Sensei (teacher of martial arts) Paula Borea (2nd dan) and Bill Borea (2nd dan). The Boreas spent considerable time in Japan training in martial arts and Paula, is of Samurai Lineage. Thus we have our own staff samurai!

Our Senpai (Seniors at the dojo) include Sarah Kamenicky (2nd dan), Dan Graffius (2nd dan), Kathy Grieg (1st dan), Victoria Davis (1st dan), Dan Lang (1st dan), Ryan Harden (1st dan), Patrick Scofield (1st Kyu), Rich Mendolia (2nd Kyu), Adam Bialek (3rd Kyu) and Charles Jean (3rd Kyu).
Sensei Paual Borea, Japanese Samurai, at the Arizona
School of Traditional Karate in Mesa near Gilbert and
Chandler, Arizona
Yudansha (black belt seniors) Kathy and Victoria train in self-defense applications at the
Arizona School of Traditional Karate in Mesa.
Soke Hausel demonstrates use of books as kobudo (self-
defense weapons) during self-defense clinic for librarians
at the Chandler Public Library in downtown Chandler,
Arizona with the assistance of Charles Jean.
Sarah trains with Bill during Kobudo Class at the Arizona School of Traditional karate
in Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona.

Sensei Bill Borea with Senpai Dan Lang and Shihan
Neal Adam in background at the Arizona School of
Traditional Karate in Mesa at Border with Gilbert and
Dr. Teule (1st dan), visiting senpai from Utah State University, trains with Dan Graffius (2nd dan), Senpai from Mesa, Arizona

Senpai Sarah works with Amber during kobudo class

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